Marking Mayor Alcala’s First 100 Days

Mayor Mark Don Victor Alcala marks his first 100 days in office on October 8.

On October 13, in a special session of the Sangguniang Panlungsod, he delivered his accomplishment report.

He outlined gains and developments made in the areas of public safety, local economy, health, housing, public service and governance.

Mayor Alcala reported an additional (RPT) collection of PHP 34,167,530 and from the business tax, a total of PHP 227,59,905, just 8% shy of the annual target of PHP 245,300,000. The vastly improved city slaughterhouse surpassed its annual collection of PHP 17,800,000. As of September 2022, it has generated a total of PHP 19,4755,224.

With his administration focused on greater fiscal independence, he signed EO No.009 creating the Local Economic Development and Investment Promotions Office (LEDIPO), a major tool for the city’s commercial and industrial development.

It was also during his 100 days in office that the much-awaited Lucena City Command Center was launched. The LCCC is a state-of-the-art monitoring and control hub which serves as an emergency operations center and performs endless safety and security monitoring—24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It features CCTV cameras with AI capable of facial and license recognition. And soon, a citizen app that equips every resident the capability to report real time to the center.

People’s Day, one of his top priority projects whose ultimate goal is to bring the local government and make accessible basic services to the 33 barangays was completed within his 100 days in office. The program is a concerted effort of the frontline offices such as the City Mayor’s Office, City Civil Registrar and City Legal Office, City Health, Agriculture, Engineering, and Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office.

On top of it all, he signed EO No. 1 on his first day in office, establishing the Lucena City Customer Service Excellence Committee which focused on “upgrading frontline service and facilities within the Lucena City Government Complex. It resulted in improved service and greater convenience to the transacting public. They stay in air-conditioned waiting areas with accessibility to free WIFI.

Also noted in the 27-minute report are the efforts of the Mayor to create a government that is more accountable, inclusive, efficient and accessible.

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