Bagong Lucena Convention Center

A shining landmark in Mayor Roderick A. Alcala’s administration is the multi-purpose Lucena City Convention Center. Located inside the Lucena City Government Complex in Brgy. Kanlurang Mayao and strategically situated in a 5.4 square kilometres of land, this two- storey structure can accommodate more than 4,000 people.

The convention center will contain a gleaming concierge contour, ticketing office, a conference and meeting room as well as ample restroom facilities. It will house locker rooms for athletes using the indoor basketball arena.

Once completed, it is set to host conferences, trade shows and exhibits, local and regional sports competitions and concerts.

Dalubhasaan ng Lungsod ng Lucena

A quality educational system is the key to progress. With Dalubhasaan ng Lungsod ng Lucena as the first free community college in the entire province, Mayor Roderick A. Alcala deemed it necessary to convert the entire structure of the former City Hall annex into the new DLL campus in order to support the increasing number of scholars enrolled in various academic programs. The new campus will house an auditorium, library, laboratories, offices plus additional classrooms.

Lucena City Health Office

Quality health care for every Lucenahin is the centrepiece project of Mayor Roderick A. Alcala. Providing primary medical care and out-patient health services, the new City Health building shall offer a state-of-the-art facility with its own laboratory, consultation and treatment areas. It will also have its own ECG room as well as a systematic record section together with specialty areas for different health concerns.

Located inside the Lucena City Government Complex in Brgy. Kanlurang Mayao, it is located on more than a kilometre floor area, indeed, the new City Health building will be the centre of health and wellness for all Lucenahins.

Lucena PNP Station

Our valiant men and women in uniform, who continues to improve the quality of life in our city through crime prevention and enforcement, will be housed in the newest 800 square meter peace and order facility. The old precinct was demolished to give rise the new PNP station. Upgraded and modernized, the new edifice will surely reflect the valuable service our police personnel are providing to the people of Lucena.