DonVictorville Housing Project

As Lucena City paves the way towards becoming a dominant economic player in Southern Tagalog, its local government is ever-aware that one of the challenges of progress is the management of a growing local population. The natural increase in local population, as well as migration, will translate to displacement, relocation, and resettlement problems.

Faced with this inevitability, the present local administration focused its resources on several housing projects. The most prominent of this is the DonVictorville Housing Project, which aims to provide residence to informal settlers, as well as low-salaried local government employees.

Launched in February 2016 in support of RA7279 od the Urban Development and Housing Act, the project espouses the broad goals related to poverty reduction, housing affordability and delivery, development and management of sustainable communities, and a performance-oriented governance.

Specifically, the project targeted two sets of beneficiaries. The first are informal settlers and constituents living in danger zones as identified under the guidelines and procedures for the implementation of E.O. RAA-013A-2017, as well as the parameters for the Local Housing Board of Lucena City.

The second set of beneficiaries are low-salaried local government employees, specifically Job Order contractors, and members of transport group sectors.

The project allocated 5.1 hectares of land situated at Purok Ilang-Ilang II, Brgy. Silangang Mayao, of which 3 hectares or 59% of the total area are salable to the beneficiaries, consisting of 553 lots. This area was named DonVictorville Phase I.

Of the 553 lots, 453 are designated for local government employees, while the remaining 100 lots were designated for informal settlers.

As of 2017, two years after its launch, the Lucena City government has completed the first batch of housing units for 58 households, all representing government employees, with each paying an affordable monthly amortization of P2,000 to P3,000.

The remaining units have already been awarded to 493 households who qualified under the program. Of this, the 100 units assigned to informal settlers are in progress, sustained by a P12-million allocation from the National Housing Authority under the LGU Resettlement Assistance Program.

The HLURB also provided assistance for additional funding of land development to be provided by the Federal Land amounting to P1,600 per square meter.

In 2018, the Lucena City Government acquired another 9.4 hectares of land for the DonVictorville Phase II, bringing the total land area under the project to 14.5 hectares. Phase II is intended to benefit members of the local teaching force, PNP, and NGOs.