Bagong Lucena Health Program

The Bagong Lucena Health Program has brought a new light in the meaning of quality health care.

Since 2015, BLHP has provided free health services to thousands of Lucenahins including medical check-up, laboratory tests and hospital confinement.

Giving priority to the marginalized sector, the program allows Lucenahins to experience private hospital service at no cost. Through the program, the local government has entered into partnerships with private hospitals in the city. With the BLHP “zero” balance scheme, patients are admitted in private hospitals and discharged without fear of any charges, as the city government shoulders all expenses incurred during the patient’s stay in the hospital.

Among others, BLHP also includes essential health care service like OPLAN MATA.

Under this expanded health assistance program, the City Health also extends their service to the Lucenahins thru the EPI (Expanded Program Immunization), Nutrition, Maternal, Dental, TB DOTS, Post-Natal, F1K/ First 1000 Days, and Lying in.

Considered one of the breakthrough projects of Hon. Mayor Roderick Alcala, BLHP has directly channelled improved and expanded public service to the people – by providing quality health care to his constituents. With this milestone, Lucenahins are now more secured when it comes to health needs knowing that assistance is within reach.