Boom! Lucena is a straightforward, uncompromising, and audacious expression of what Lucena City intends: to evolve into one of the top local government units in the Philippines in terms of economic development, technology and infrastructure, and living standards of its constituents. We intend to attain all these in a manner that is rapid, aggressive, and unrelenting, but rooted on systematic, information and expertise-based, and responsible governance.

Boom! Lucena is the encapsulation of the collective vision of every Lucenahin – their hopes for the future of their growing families, their ambitions for a better and more secure life, and their dream for economic stability and progress: “Masagana At Respetadong Kinabukasan.”

We envision a Lucena City that is self-sustaining, a place where Lucenahins will find opportunities for livelihood and personal growth right here; where the greener pasture does not have to be on the other side of the fence.

This vision, in turn is anchored on the triangular foundation of (1) exemplary and accessible local governance, (2) progressive industry, and (3) welfare of the constituents. From this spring the six major thrusts for the next three years:

  • BOOM ang mga Programa para sa Kagalingang Pantao
  • BOOM ang Seguridad ng Mamamayan
  • BOOM ang Industriya at Komersyo
  • BOOM ang Agrikultura
  • BOOM ang Hanap-buhay
  • BOOM ang Ekonomiya
  • BOOM ang Galing ng Lucenahin