Araw ng Lucena/Manuel L. Quezon’s Day

The annual selection and the giving of awards to five Natatanging Anak ng Lucena highlights the Araw ng Lucena and Manuel L. Quezon’s Day on August 20. Recipients of the award are selected based on their excellent performance and contributions in their respective fields of endeavor, i.e. education, arts, literature, economics and public service and/or administration.

International Women’s Day

The annual celebration for the International Women’s Day in March 8 gives a fitting recognition to women via the Search for the Huwarang Babae ng Lucena. Among women-candidates from the 33 barangays of Lucena, only five would be awarded the Huwarang Babae ng Lucena. Final selection of the five winners is based on how each of them realized their simple dreams and rose above themselves to promote development, peace and harmony within their respective family and community.

Lucena Varsitarians

As a social organization, the Lucena Varsitarians aim to hold annual slam-bang, a big dance party, to promote friendship, brotherhood and camaraderie among varsitarians and their invited guests from the neighboring towns of Lucena. Included in its objectives is the college scholarship program for indigent but deserving youth in Lucena, which made Lucena Varsitarians a socio-civic club. The contributions and donations from various sources would bankroll the objectives of the Lucena Varsitarians

Pasayahan sa Lucena

Pasayahan sa Lucena was conceptualized to showcase the natural and ecological interrelationship and independence between nature and man. It also promotes the ways of life inherent among the people of Lucena. All these find exquisites and appreciative expressions through a mammoth gathering of colors, outlandish costumes and symbolic floats reminiscent of Mardi Gras in Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans.

The first Pasayahan in 1987 was a big triumph that it has become an annual affair. Year after year the Pasayan draws a sea of frolicking humanity. Pasayahan sa Lucena 2006 features Chami Festival to promote Lucena’s very own native delicacy, the chami. Other features such as the Midnight Madness Sale and street concerts take stage in the Pasayahan.

Ugat Lucena

Ugat Lucena is characterized by a grand party and gathering of all balikbayang Lucenahins including those who have migrated to other parts of the world. The celebration aims to rekindle old familial roots, friendship and camaraderie through nightlong dances, music and merrymaking.

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