Lucena City Was originally a barrio of Tayabas town, then the capital of the Province of Tayabas (now Quezon). the town was founded by the Franciscan fathers, Juan de Plasencia & Diego de Oropesa between 1580 & 1583. It was then called by the Spaniards "Buenavista" ( beautiful scenic spots) because of its scenic beauty.

On November 5, 1987, pursuant to an Orden Real Superior Civil, the community was named " Lucena" and became an independent municipality on June 1, 1882. And on June 17, 1961 by virtue of RA no. 3271, sponsored by Cong. Manuel Enverga & Cong. Pascual Espinosa, Lucena became a chartered city and was inagurated on August 20, 1962.